by canyon critter on November 12, 2008

This week has been kind of crazy but I am feeling much better. I am not used to this cold weather…EEK! My head is swimming with creative personal projects, I need to write them down before the exit my brain. I am very excited.

Today I rustled through and stacked all my dog training and behavior books by my bed. I really want a balanced pack. I need to get in a more set routine…structured. We have a new friend joining us soon, I won’t reveal the news until it is confirmed. It has been a while since we have had a guest, hence, getting the pack balanced and welcoming to newcomers. I really want to get a bike or my landrollers, or even a treadmill for Edi’s extra extra energy.

Honey from Fredonia Humane Society

Honey from Fredonia Humane Society

Today at work was so much fun, in fact, I just stopped working a few minutes ago. Long day. whew! but I wanted to get all these photos edited for blogging tomorrow. These kids made me laugh so hard. Laughing is good…for everyone.

Trisha needs a home


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