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project 365 - day 13


RIP March 2013

Read about Sally’s Long journey of leg problems here. Sally is pretty much the cutest lil’ rolly polly pittie girl. She also has the biggest fan club. In her spare time, she likes to lick her feet and make funny faces.

Sally’s flickr page.



Honey joined our family in November of 09′. She was found tied to a pole at the shelter and she was super duper skinny and so very scared. I volunteered at the FHS and one day, Honey and I went for a walk and the rest is history. She really likes to stalk squirrels and she takes her job very seriously.

Honey’s flickr page.


RIP March 2013

Ansli was a Nashville pup and has traveled all over in her young 12 years. She likes to stare at me and she loves to play ball. Her best friend is Conrad and that is only because they have grown up together. She likes to run with him outside and she also likes to cuddle in the mornings and that makes a great start to any day!

Ansli’s flickr page.


Edi was rescued the same day as Millie from South L.A shelter. It was their last day and my first rescue with Nikki. She is a quite naughty and sometimes cat like. She has to sleep under the covers or she will nudge and budge until she gets her way. She also likes to run and have the boys chase her – they never catch her, though.

Edi’s flickr page.


Jack used to run with a rough gang back in his younger days in Los Angeles.  But now that he is older he would rather sit back and watch t.v. He is the biggest cuddle bug and he loves to play ball, but he is kind of fat so that only last about 10 minutes.

Jack’s flickr page.


Conrad has also been with us the longest. Him and Ansli were raised together beginning at 3 months old. He is a bit of a trouble maker(steals food) but also the biggest momma’s boy ever. He follows me everywhere and he always sleeps by my legs. When I am not looking he likes to steal my coffee or steal food off the counter. The coffee doesn’t help with his neurotic tendencies and so we blame that on his questionable food stealing behavior.

Conrad’s flickr page.


This is Tambelina aka Tambi. She was rescued in Phoenix from a supposed “animal rescue group” that was going to kill a whole bunch of dogs if homes were not found by the time they moved. We are so lucky she chose us, because she is the most lovable girl I have ever met. She reminds me almost in every way of my sweet Millie.


This is Twiggy. She is a sassy little one who loves to watch us all. She has the most amazing energy and we just adore her too. She has the biggest heart.

My Sweet Angels – Millie & Phoebe. Your spirits are always with us…


A lover of carrots and stuffed toys. She loved to harass Edi and cuddle in the mornings. She passed from cancer. We miss her always.

Millie’s flickr page.

My angel: RIP January 21, 2009


Phoebe joined our family this last year. She is an older gal maybe 13-15 yrs old and has the cutest little bell. She likes to harass Conrad and clean ansli and edi’s ears and face. Her best friend is Ansli and they hang out together and watch Oprah and the food channel.

Phoebe’s flickr page.

My angel: RIP August 30, 2010

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