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by canyon critter on November 17, 2008

It has been a very busy week and this coming week is about to get busier. I am swamped at work tomorrow, but usually Mondays are very busy. Lots of writing to do. This last week with Honey has been great. She had her first bath and is doing so well. She is in love with Edi and feels so comfortable around the pack. It will just take time with me. She reminds me of a dog we rescued a few years ago, named Meka. She was just as shy as Honey, but took to my dogs so quickly. It took months for her to feel comfortable around me, but she finally came around and eventually found the most perfect home. I took tons of photos of honey and edi playing, they are fun to watch. We have actually conquered a walking schedule. Today was my day off from walking, though. But everyday we get up at 7:00 and 2 dogs walk 2 miles and at lunch 2 more dogs walk 2 miles and then after work we walk 2miles more separately with 2 dogs each time. whew! 8miles a day and i am getting a little tired. Oh well. A balanced pack…right?!

Millie got her surgery today and her biopsy. She is completely out of it. I hate seeing her this way. But Dr. Mike has been so awesome in helping me with the kids, especially since I get anxious going to the vet. Such nice, helpful people, though.

I have researched some websites that people recommended for natural remedies to help her and I think I have found some stuff to order. I also want to try some stuff for Sally as well, her constant feet and body licking is driving me crazy. I am also going to change their food back to solid gold along with raw vegetables and bones. The food they have been on here is a good food, but I don’t think it is helping millie. The first ingredient is wheat. I know wheat for humans is horrible, I can’t help but think this is not helping her lupus.

I have started my working on some of my personal projects. My neighbor is so awesome for helping me start one, which sparked an idea for another project. I just need to make a list of items to accomplish each week and get my stock up there.

I almost forgot. Read about Honey’s featured story here.

and lots more photos of the kids here.

5 things of Happy for today.

~watching the dogs romp and run around.

~feeling relieved that Millie will be ok

~eating the yummiest pumpkin streusel topping

~the feeling of creativeness in my head

~smothered with fur love as I lay in my bed typing this

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goodbear November 21, 2008 at 5:39 am

great shot of dogs being dogs!

i have been taking cody bear to holistic treatments and am happy to say he has improved! not immediately, but beautifully.

we went the nrt/naet route with natural supplements and it was worth it!


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