when the wind blows…

by canyon critter on August 8, 2015

Have you ever watched Chocolat and that scene when she is standing on the water the west wind blowing, she knew it was her time… she was of gypsy blood.

That is how I have felt for 2 years now and the feeling of not being able to leave and move has been destructive to my body and spirit, but… This week finally changes are at least starting.

We are moving out of this house full of memories and into a space that will serve our travels well. I am nervous but excited. It has been a while since we have lived in a tiny home, yet we are not new to it. We lived in an airstream before for 4 years. It just takes some acclimating, walk schedules and making sure everything is in its proper place.

It is freedom.

I have many new ideas and changes that will happen in the next few months. I will be reworking this site, we are starting into some essential oils and I am purging things that are distractions and focusing on more of what makes my heart zoom. I tend to be a jane of all trades but I would rather master some instead of all… for now 😀

Both my Le Howl shop and Le Howl Photography will be shifting a bit and well… I have so many thoughts and ideas, I don’t know where to begin today.

So. Many. Good. Things. Coming…

Ps. I have been watching Juliette of the Herbs movie – holy inspiring.


I am excited to take you on this new journey with me…
Have a lovely weekend, birds.


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