by canyon critter on August 5, 2015

The time has passed so quickly and yet so slowly this summer.  Next week the airstream arrives and we move to the country by trees, rolling hills and goats.

To say that we are ready is an understatement…. well, mentally. We still have to pack and I saw we like my dogs have thumbs.

Firstly, Jack goes to the vet tomorrow. I am very worried, but trying to be present and send light and love his way. He has a abscessed tooth – which might require surgery or at least it did with Millie, but Jack is old – probably 17  or so. I don’t like putting dogs under the juice especially being that old. Geez, Sally went under probably 8-10 times. She was a fighter.

So for now until… enjoy this little video I made of our new space. I will make better ones, but time was super limited today and enjoy viewing Jack’s most handsome face.



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