by canyon critter on January 23, 2009

So I am trying to keep my mind busy. If I am doing…doing…..doing…..I can’t think. Then I don’t cry. So everyone needs to check out my friend Nikki. I love her. I don’t know why sometimes. She doesn’t ever (except sometimes) answer her phone in the 4 years that I have known her. In fact, I used to have to go stand on my car and yell her name ten times until her dogs would bark and wake her up. haha! Of course, then I would feel bad, so off to coffee and croissants we would go…before going to the shelter. She has such a big heart and she is so brave. Sometimes when I used to go into the shelter I would be a blubbering mess, she was like suck it up, we have photos to take. At least that is my head conversation. We had many adventures and many hardships but also many amazing times. Our common bond. We LOVE dogs beyond ourselves and we love photography.
Although…she did sleep in a bed and everyone knows the life of a rescuer…sleep on the floor. Don’t cherish anything. haha! I slept on the floor for five years. But I loved those fosters and wouldn’t change anything. I loved every foster I had in Los Angeles..even now….always.

I remember it was a long day, dark, we were cranky and tired. Nikki was like” we aren’t getting out of this car until we have a new name for our rescue” We came up with The MuttScouts. I loved those times of going into the shelter, making posters, posting like madwomen everywhere we could think of and beyond. Working until we were so tired we were delirious, even forgetting to eat…ok, except cheetos. I could go on with so many crazy stories of crazy people and situations and through it all – I wouldn’t change anything…Except for when…ok…those stores are private 🙂 It is amazing to meet people that have a passion about the animals…like I do. Although. NO ANIMAL HOARDERS. and we have met some. so sad. But back to the point. Our goal was to have our own sanctuary, we have parted roads and in some ways it feels like this might be it..what we had. But in some ways it feels like we are connected on a deeper level and our love for the same dogs is so real and what we do is…we get each other. We balance each other’s craziness. Nikki did have a “moment’ when we were drinking Margaritas at Rosey’s. I keep hoping one day…maybe we will have the dream that we wanted….that made us leave and do all the crazy things we are doing. Who knows though, really. Her and Jf will always be in my life…I know it.

so to say all this I love Nikki. I always will, no matter even if she never answers her phone. Through her I met my big brother Jf. who I go to in minute if I need to cry or need advice. He has been my rock and I know that I can put his name on a dog tag and if ever needed…he will answer. He is an amazing person…and creative to boot. As well as Nikki and her lovely artist husband, whom I might be recruiting to do my Sally project drawings.

Saying all this… I am reflecting on good people. Theses are two I list today. Tomorrow will be more. But these guys have been here for me through very rough times and they “get” me and my moods and my insane love for my dogs.

Nikki was the one who saw Millie and the urgency of getting her out. Her friend Rita had been working on Edi and I had just started with Nikki “rescuing” And then …Edi and Millie became mine. My first rescues, my first love bite (Edi), my first feisty couple together….my first passing (Millie). If it weren’t for Nikki, no one would have loved Millie. Nikki is a blessing. She gave me Millie. The girl who changed my life, who has brought me back to me. It is sad that it took her passing for me to “see” things clearly in an unclear state at the moment. But my heart is clear.

So check out all Nikki’s stuff because she is an amazing photographer and rescuer
and Jf…well, he is just freaking awesome and I couldn’t ask for a better brother. I love them both more than words.

Old Shep Studio’s flickr
Old Shep Studios website
swissymouse blog
The MuttScouts rescue blog

ps. I would link you to Jf, but I don’t know where? Too bad…because he is super hot to look at.
However, he is an awesome watch T.V.

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