by canyon critter on January 12, 2009

~~~~~Non-inspiration but daily doses of ramblings.~~~~
Today was a big day. Millie went in for her biopsy. Results should be in by next Friday. Conrad joined the South K. street gang. (I know…sounds so less gangsta than south l.a.) oh well.
But he is doing ok. more on that tomorrow. There is a lesson to this story…EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE, AFFECTION
oh by the way. I need a treadmill and bicycle ASAP. If anyone know of one for cheap or willing to trade for a free photoshoot. let me know!

Super busy at work tomorrow. Lots of adoptions which is good, but that means lots of writing for me. ARG! But a trainer today help me come up with a ton more dogs to add to the sponsorship program and blog

hug your dog. ~woof.

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