quick update~Millie

by canyon critter on January 10, 2009

I took Millie to the vet yesterday. He is so great with us, considering I am a nervous wreck each time I go to see him. The blood results for a fungus infection came back negative. As bad as that would have been that is what we were hoping for. It can be treated with antibiotics. So now he has to do a bone biopsy with her completely out. He will take a small piece of her bone. Hesitant to do this b/c her bones are already so thin, if she steps on it wrong she could break her leg. But the other option would be to take her leg right away, that would suck to take her leg and it not be cancer, plus we are trying anything but to take her leg, b/c again her bones are so thin he doesn’t know if her other leg could withstand the pressure. SO the biopsy will tell us if there is a tumor in the leg or some type of other infection that we have never heard of or there could be a tumor somewhere else in her body causing this in her leg. Her leg is much larger and harder than last time, but her x-ray of the bone wasn’t much different.

So as busy and stressed as he is…He is doing the biopsy on Sunday. How great is he. Millie is buying him some yummy cookies and marshmellows from this place because he has been so great with her and her neurotic mom.

I just received a comment from Cody Bear’s mom, it is nice to know I am not the only one who go crazy when their kid has a weird illness. The support is is amazing from everyone…thank you.

On a different note. Sally met Marc the illustrator yesterday for our fundraising project for her legs. JEEZ, when will it end? SAVE THE MUTTS. haha! It’s a project joke.! 🙂

so off to walk shelter dogs and to work for lots more photos for the sponsor blog.

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