by canyon critter on April 14, 2014

It is grey and rainy today. A perfect day to stay home, cuddle and watch movies. Doesn’t that sound amazing, except, there is no time today for movies. ha.

My mind is still quiet from lack of coffee this morning, I started a job during the week and now do photoshoots and metalwork on weekends, so I am trying to find that delicate routine schedule balance and not feel exhausted… yet, I feel exhausted. So I am trying to figure out an exercise and eating schedule that will help with more energy and get the dogs out more. Sometimes in the midst of busy you have to find your calm and realize there is an end goal in site. The dream is worth it. Push through. The universe will guide you and give you strength.
Happy Monday, birds.

edi in color


Weekend Adventure.

by canyon critter on April 6, 2014



Sometimes transitions can be rough even coming out of winter. Shedding our hibernation skin and blossoming under the sun like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly can rub a little rough sometimes. I have been feeling it a little, for sure. I have also been very determined to make this spring be one of adventure and stories.



little darling

So my friend little darling and I grabbed some coffee and off we went on a little adventure to find my first waterfall. Luckily, Asheville is surrounded by beauty and we only had to drive about 45 minutes before reaching DuPont State Forest… you know, where some of Hunger Games was filmed. oh yeah. that…




The weather was gorgeous and we even saw an older couple get married in camo attire there. We also saw a bunch of kids climbing on rocks like monkey’s which almost gave me a heart attack. oy!

We saw so many weird people and cool things. It definitely helped to get out of “town” for the day to refuel our spirits. Nature is magic.

these are some iPhone photos from the day…


vegan gelato… the best!image

of course, to end my evening… I stopped by to see my friend Jeri and we went and got some pizza.

I was so excited this place had vegan pizza from a fire brick oven and it was so yummy!image



by canyon critter on April 6, 2014

made me cry. so amazing if we could all be like this…

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Friday at the zoo.

by canyon critter on April 5, 2014

I wasn’t feeling well today and the weather was grey so I hung out with the zoo today.  This was also a hard day as my best friend had to cross her dog. My heart felt so heavy for her. Death under any circumstance never makes for the best day. So I wanted to hug mine and be present with them. Jack is showing his age lately and I don’t want to miss any opportunity I have to be with them.

So here are some random shots from my day.





there are more photos on my flickr if you like…

ps. I have slowly been getting my photo site together. Check it out if you like. It will be changing a lot until I get it perfect.

I am currently reading 200 pages of marketing and pricing materials. oy!

Happy Friday, my loves.


less is more.

by canyon critter on April 1, 2014

I am one who hibernates in the spring. I guess by that I mean I go into solitude. It is my time to venture in the woods, garden and grow my wings.

Today it was finally warm, so the dogs and I sat in the sun and read today.

I didn’t have any expectation to get anything done or be anything. Today I needed the rays of light on my skin to soften the edges of my mind.

Sometimes you just have to have time to be…



Never hide your feelings.

Tambi love and sun kisses

I am reworking the blog, so please bear with me if it looks a bit off sometimes. I’m a bit slow at this stuff.

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