by canyon critter on May 27, 2017

I have moved to an incredibly beautiful place. The forest, the ocean and the river all within distance of photography and exploration. Yet, I feel so lonely here – which I hate to admit. I figured it was time to start blogging again, so I had a place to connect- even with myself. I am trying to build a beautiful business and start a blog with no one to bounce questions off of except online and as grateful as I am for Facebook and the groups, they can be overwhelming and intimidating. I have even tried putting myself out there to hang out with people, but that didn’t work. haha! I am laughing because I am such an introvert and that took a lot, but there are lessons in everything. I have been down this path before and I think I am being taught to listen to my guides and intuition instead of outside sources. Take Edi on an adventure, meditate and commune with my spirit animals. I know it will all work out and today I am finding myself at peace with these new ways of dealing with such things and I know that truly we are never alone in anything. I guess, just putting my work out into the world with a silent response and then physical self was a bit heart breaking. I won’t let it stop me, it will just shift things a bit and somehow it will make me stronger and more confident.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such love each day with my babes, I just wish they had business and life advice. ha! They probably do, if I would just listen…

ps. I will be having a shop update this week. Saving for Jack a stroller 😀

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