by canyon critter on April 28, 2012

gnome and morning juice
I have been juicing in the mornings, it just starts my day off feeling good, especially since it is jam packed with nutrients.

After my juice, I sat in the grass and had some quiet time.

morning meditation

Of course there is always time to give this sweet girl a thousand kisses and hugs… she is my heart.


vegan yummy

This was so yummy on a huge level. The buddha bowl is easy on the budget. Throw some grain, some veg and a little sauce and luckily, I had some ginger which put it over the top delicious.

I hope you are taking some time to breathe, hug a critter and create some magic this weekend.


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by canyon critter on April 25, 2012

What a day and a super hot day at that – 96 degrees here. Spring, what happened? It was such an off day. I had a super bad headache all night and this morning, I think from my allergies. To those that don’t suffer… bless you. I think I need to order some nettle tea or some heavy remedy. It has been super hard to function lately. eek!
But I did get to talk to my super lovely friend and it is always fabulous to catch up! I did get some dog tags cut out and I am going to sketch tonight. I dreamt I was working on something amazing last night and for the life of me could not remember what it was from my dream. I hope it will come to me. I am going to start keeping my sketch book tied to my hip, I tell you.

I didn’t get to juice the last couple days, or more like… I was too lazy to juice, which meant for some reason that I eat more carbs. ARG! I did, however, make this lovely mock tuna salad, but I hate the whole thing and my tummy is sure paying for it. TOO MUCH FOOD πŸ™‚ ps. I used this recipe and changed it a little and I forgot to mash it up, so hers looked much prettier on her website, but mine sure did taste good.

mock tuna salad

And Gus’s mom sent this photo of him modeling his super awesome one of a kind dog tag that I made for him. Since he is such a silly goose, his mom wanted a goose. Cuteness!!


custom critter tag for Mr. Gus

sir g
and a photo of Sir Galahad from Healing Heart Sanctuary… just because

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Who is coming to dinner?

by canyon critter on June 7, 2011

These last few days have been very unproductive. I hate not updating my shop everyday, but I am having the worst and I mean the worst headaches. My eyes are all bloodshot and glazed over. I look so attractive πŸ˜‰

So I have tried drinking water, adding a little more fat to my diet, but so far nothing is working. My headache is better today, but my eyes still hurt. I am hoping to be back to normal tomorrow, so I can sew and get some new pouches in the shop! So enough of my complaining…

Here is a nice little dinner I made. You can never have too much fat apparently, so I decided to pile olive oil and avocados and hummus. I think I understand why I can’t lose weight now πŸ˜‰ Oh well. I have my bodyrock equipment and I can’t wait to get started when I feel better. wahoo!!

No, I didn’t eat all of this. I had to give half of it to the dogs because they are giving me seriously dirty looks. We haven’t been able to walk in two days because of my headaches, the wind and heat and it makes me feel bad. Bah, so I guess I will have to get up extra early tomorrow and walk even if I want to stab my eyeballs out. Oh please, you people know what I am talking about if you have critters. The stare down is the worst. JUST THE WORST.

5 things.
1. coffee with cinnamon
2. my yummy dinner
3. done with the interview – whew.
4. feeling more focused
5. looking forward to good things.

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Oh. Yah.

by canyon critter on May 21, 2011

sally modeling a tester (sally modeling my tester scarf)
Today I was supposed to get WAY more than I did. Don’t you have those days?! I haven’t been feeling well and that aided in my snailish day. I will finish posting new items over the weekend. I am going to put one up of each new thing, even though I will still have different silhouettes. Pretty exciting.

I have been feeling so distracted lately. Every morning I say my little affirmations, but I have so much on my mind of things I need to do, make, the future, austin, this dog I am in love with, kale. OMG! I will stop.

But seriously, I am so in love with kale chips, ginger & veganaise. NO, not all together, well the ginger and kale chips… I even googled to see if you can overdose on Kale. I love it that much. Oh stop laughing, you would google it too.
So yah, maybe all this healthy food will help clear my head. I do need to exercise more for sure. Those flabby arms and muffin top are getting to me. I hate looking at them. BAH!


vegan nummy

I know this post makes no sense. ha. I am distracted. Tomorrow is a new day. πŸ˜‰

so yah… here are my 5 things.
1. nummy kale chips & ginger
2. figuring out a project. wahoo!
3. cuddles upon cuddles today
4. lots and lots of coffee – I will not sleep either from caffeine or peeing all night. yah.
5. watching the puppins eat peanut butter.

sleep well friends.
love & light.

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Wednesday, what?

by canyon critter on May 19, 2011

It is day 3 of my smoothie thing. I am tired, for sure and I can’t say I am following it perfectly which would add to my sleepy eyes. Oh well, I am trying. I did buy kale to make kale chips. I have heard sooo much about them, but I want to get some nutritional yeast because I hear that makes them even super yummier.

I got some brown faux emu in and I made a couple pouches last night. I think it is super pretty. I have some new things I am working on and so many ideas in my head. I like it except when you lay awake at night thinking…. “hmm… I could make it like this or sew it like that or do that or oh crap. I have to get my receipts sorted and and and….” haha.

5 things.

1. getting things done and shipped out – accomplished

2. almost finished with flags for a wedding. I hope she still wants them

3. different fruit for my green smoothies

4. a cold and rainy day – perfect

5. so much love from my puppins today

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