Update on Arizona rescue

by canyon critter on October 7, 2011

So my friend Hook is driving 15 hours round trip tomorrow to bail out these dogs from a “sanctuary” that was to put these guys down if not rescued. I am taking tammy, she is taking Rose and Family Dogs New Life in Portland, Oregon is taking four dogs. I am soooo freaking excited because Family Dogs is one of my top favorite places ever! I have been following Tasha and her rescue for years and when I lived in Portland I donated a ton of crates to their rescue. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and I am so thrilled these dogs get to go there. HOWEVER!!!

We need more funds for gas and transport to get them there.

Can you donate a few bucks? Even if a dollar were donated, I think the heavens would roar for us, we  are so grateful for every penny and every bit of help with this rescue. It takes a village to do this and so many people have really stepped up and helped out these critters.

My animal communicator said these are divine animals and the people who take them are pretty special. I totally believe that too.

So here is Family Dogs New Life AWESOME website if you would like more info on them. These are the dogs that we need to get to Portland from Utah. We have transport (our awesome former vet tech at Best friends) but we need funds.

 Hal, Spencer, Buck and Maximus

Also, if you donate… for all donors, if you like, I will give 20% off to my shop – Driftwood Jones Studios. so email info@driftwoodjones.com  and I will give you the special code… just for you and your big heart.

There are still 9 dogs that need out! so look at the posts below if you can help in any way or email or call Deborah the head of the “sanctuary” to find out how you can help.



(623) 606-6680

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recycled jacket for my recycled dog ;-)

by canyon critter on December 19, 2010

I found the cutest jackets and I love them so much because they are made out of recycled and re-purposed clothes.  This is a statement from them ” recycling, sustainability and supporting local markets are all part of the focus for Muffinhead. All materials used in the dog jackets (with the exception of the Velcro and threads) are gathered from local sources and all of the jackets are made in Portland, which supports our local economy. Additionally, because the jackets are constructed from recycled textiles, each garment is unique.’

I LOVE this. I just emailed them asking if they sold online and within a couple hours she responded. I haven’t even bought anything yet and I get customer service like this. I am just so in love with this company. She said they hope to be selling online in 2011.

But if you live in Portland, Oregon – you can buy them at select retailers listed on their website and if you buy before Dec 31, they will donate $5 dollars from every purchase to Family Dogs New Life and we all LOVE this no-kill shelter!

So visit Muffinhead’s website here!

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night poison

by canyon critter on November 17, 2010

No, I am not referring to my favorite  – Jack Daniels… I wish. I just brewed a fresh pot of coffee at 9:30 at night. yummy!

I am sitting here contemplating. I actually don’t think my mind ever stops thinking, blinking and moving. Busy. Busy.. Busy…

I know it is still 3.5 months away, but I am thinking about where I should move.

I really wanted to move back to Los Angeles, I miss the rescue so desperately, but I don’t want to live out in BFE and rent is so much. But living there is where I felt most at home and had the most friends and still do have so many friends. In that environment I never felt pressured to be married and have kids or whatever. You just do what you do and that’s it. It was nice and you could be yourself. I do love that place. The ocean, the creative buzz, the independence.

Then there is Portland. I lived there last winter and it was incredibly hard for me. There were several factors at that time that did not contribute in a positive way, though. I lived in the ghetto, my job sucked and it rained and at that time, I couldn’t handle not being able to be outside in the sun. I needed the sun, that glimmer of hope. I was so depressed from losing Millie and the boy and such. But now that I am in a different mind place, would I like it again? If I actually gave a place a chance, could that be the place for me? Plus, the most amazing tattoo artists live there and I still have SO much more work to get done. 🙂

Now there is Austin. People tell me I would love it. I am not a Texas person at all, but I hear Austin has it’s own charm from that. Like Portland but without the rain. I have been researching it and have fond lots of crafty blogs and I have seen some photos and it looks super cute. People my age doing what they do.

(all photos from We Heart It)

So you see my dilemma of all this… Where do I go? How does anyone know where to go…

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by canyon critter on January 29, 2010

“Let your imagination release your imprisoned possibilities.” -Robert H. Schuller

I bought myself flowers. They are supposed to make you feel better, right!?

This is my plan, although always subject to change:
I have a month and half left until I want to move, but I need to get my tattoo done. So Portlanders, I have a super cute house with a half acre fenced that I will need someone to take over my lease until Sept. You can probably renew it if you want. I just really need to leave and clear my head away from people. I will not say where I am going. You will find out when I am there. I don’t want to jinx anything.

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.” -Stella Adler

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Soul Print

by canyon critter on December 31, 2009

Or this is more like a muddy print making its way ALL through my house. The floor, the blankets and my BED.
Naughty, NAUGHTY dogs, but I love them…most of the time.

Sweet paw print dreams. May they imprint your soul with their muddy love.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway. This is a new monthly fun thing and I have already come up with next months. OMG! I am so excited that I can’t even stand it. GO! NOW! I am SERIOUS! Right Here!


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