kiss face.

by canyon critter on May 16, 2012

Yes, I know… you just want to shnuzzle and nuzzle this face – am I right??? I do all the time. So kissable.


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Have you seen anything cuter?

by canyon critter on May 15, 2012

There are no words for her cuteness.





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Supplemental goodness

by canyon critter on May 12, 2012

Let me begin by saying first, that I am not one of those people that judge on what you give or don’t give your dog regarding food or natural supplements.

If you only do your best and give your best to your critters… that is all they ask.

These are the supplements that I currently give my dogs. I am always researching and expanding my knowledge on holistic and natural care so they can grow old with ease and comfort. Now I am not a vet, so if you have any concerns about anything new you give your dog, please consult your vet. I will soon be studying herbal medicine, but for now… these are found by own research and by other people’s personal knowledge.


*Chia seeds are an amazing super food and full of omega 3 fatty acids. I also add goji berries in with it. I put 1/4 cup chia seeds and fill my container with water and let it soak for 24-48 hours. The longer it soaks the more nutrients you get. I then add a couple spoon fulls to my dogs food. Every dog is different and some can tolerate more than others. When starting something new, I always add a little at a time to see how they react and then if I feel I should add more… I do.

*Aloe Vera is such an amazing plant. I usually get Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel, but someone brought me Lily of the Desert from the health food store, so no complaints here 😉 I wanted it initially for Sally, she was having a really hard time with her health and allergies last year and I needed to heal and build her immune system. Aloe has a million different things it helps with internally and externally.  Remember always start adding things slowing and in small quantities. I don’t give more than a tablespoon per dog depending on size… Sally takes a tablespoon as do all my dogs.

*I just started adding Udo’s pet essential for dogs. Since my dogs are getting older, I just want something that will help their over all well-being and fill them with good greens and nutrients. This powder has everything from ground flax seeds to plant enzymes plus plus!

*Flax seed oil is super good for dogs and their joints and arthritis. The omega 3’s help with skin problems and acts as an anti-inflammatory for their joints – keeps them more mobile. I also use this when I give them turmeric, because that needs to be taken with an oil or fat. Turmeric is also amazing for inflammation. I even started my dad on it and he feels so much better and less pain in his shoulder. It is a miracle powder. I give my dogs 1 tsp. once a day in their food. When I feed them turmeric, it has a strong smell, so I then sprinkle cinnamon as a topping and mix their food with water. The eat it like it is Christmas.

*Apple Cider Vinegar – well, what I can I say. I drink it, my grandma and parents drink it and my dogs drink it. Like Aloe Vera it has a million different things it can help with from allergies to arthritis. I wanted it for overall health and to help balance their ph. I don’t feed it the same time as the turmeric because that would be some strong flavor and no fun to eat. So I add it on their second meal, some people use apple cider vinegar pills because their dogs won’t eat the food with it in there. I usually add 1 tablespoon and I also sprinkle with cinnamon as a topping to help mask the strong smell.

The Primal Defense from Garden of Life is specifically for Sally. She has trouble digesting her food and gets really skinny, so this helps with giving her good enzymes and flora for her gut. She is allergic to dairy, so it is plant based. She gets one with each meal.

The green powder phyto-flex by Nature’s Farmacy is something I won on facebook and I LOVE it. It is jam packed with so many greens and good stuff for the dogs and it is all organic. I will always feed my dogs green powder. I drink  a green powder and so they need one.  There are all sorts of brands out there, so you don’t specifically have to have this one.

I am also going to order some transfor factor for Sally. Her immune system really needs some assistance at times and this is the perfect medicine for it and Ansli has developed a cloudy eye and marine phytoplankton is recommended.

I would REALLY love to know what you give your critters. I am always looking to add items to my book, not just for my dogs but in my studies. So please leave a comment with and tell me what you give.

dog supplementAlso, I was looking for a place to by my supplements and found iherb. If you use my code: SOJ304 when checking out, you can save $5.00 and free shipping if you spend over $20.00.

ps. These are my own recommendations on supplements and where to shop. I didn’t get anything out of this, but helping friends and animals 😉



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by canyon critter on April 28, 2012

gnome and morning juice
I have been juicing in the mornings, it just starts my day off feeling good, especially since it is jam packed with nutrients.

After my juice, I sat in the grass and had some quiet time.

morning meditation

Of course there is always time to give this sweet girl a thousand kisses and hugs… she is my heart.


vegan yummy

This was so yummy on a huge level. The buddha bowl is easy on the budget. Throw some grain, some veg and a little sauce and luckily, I had some ginger which put it over the top delicious.

I hope you are taking some time to breathe, hug a critter and create some magic this weekend.


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peek a boo

by canyon critter on April 24, 2012

She likes peeking out, like it was a little hole made just for her. Such a curious little bug.
my new door knob



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