Vote! Vote! Vote and spread the word

by canyon critter on November 10, 2011

This is so incredibly important to me, to us, to the critters in the present, past and future! We want our rescue/farm this next year and funds to get it. We (The mutt scouts) have wanted this for years and have decided nothing will stand in the way.

Abundance is OURS!!!

Do you remember that Nico photo that swooned the internet? Well, that was my rescue partner Nikki who took that. We want a space to take the unwanted, the three legged or one eyed dogs. The dogs like Sally!! and Nico and all the countless others we have saved or are waiting for us.

So Please with everything in my heart… Vote. It only takes 1 time. Please spread this like wild fire and make this possible for us.

Also 20% off in the Driftwood Jones shop for anyone who votes! code chaselove

Here is the link to VOTE and here is the Mutt Scouts site to go check out the lovelies!

Nico by Nikki Audet

All these dogs in this video – we rescued!
and this little nugget (my sweet Sally) on her walk to freedom… all because of The Mutt Scouts – scouting out the underdogs.

We seriously have a huge and amazing plan for this safe haven for these critters. Please help us make this dream happen. Pay it forward.


Chase Community Giving

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Wow! Peanut Butter Frenzy

by canyon critter on May 21, 2011


I fixed the kids an afternoon snack of apples and peanut butter because I was getting very dirty looks (see above) and I thought this might cheer them up.


I went to sit down the bowl and grab my camera and sally just DIPPED into the peanut butter. As you can see there was a lot of lip smacking for a very long time. It was funny though and the others just thought it was heaven. Peanut Butter is their absolute favorite!!!


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Wednesday, what?

by canyon critter on May 19, 2011

It is day 3 of my smoothie thing. I am tired, for sure and I can’t say I am following it perfectly which would add to my sleepy eyes. Oh well, I am trying. I did buy kale to make kale chips. I have heard sooo much about them, but I want to get some nutritional yeast because I hear that makes them even super yummier.

I got some brown faux emu in and I made a couple pouches last night. I think it is super pretty. I have some new things I am working on and so many ideas in my head. I like it except when you lay awake at night thinking…. “hmm… I could make it like this or sew it like that or do that or oh crap. I have to get my receipts sorted and and and….” haha.

5 things.

1. getting things done and shipped out – accomplished

2. almost finished with flags for a wedding. I hope she still wants them

3. different fruit for my green smoothies

4. a cold and rainy day – perfect

5. so much love from my puppins today

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Some Monday Animal Etsy Love

by canyon critter on March 28, 2011

Animal Treasury

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