by canyon critter on April 1, 2015

For the month of April 15% of sales will be donated to Pinups for Pitbulls. One of my favorite organizations.

Check them out and go shopping and support the pibbles πŸ˜€

Next shop update. April 1. wednesday

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Sunday Adventure

by canyon critter on March 30, 2015

This was my sunday adventure… really only a little bit of it – I have many more photos to edit. My friend Waverly is an amazing aerialist and so we took some photos for

fun in the extreme cold at the very top of the mountain – not any silk flying just some yoga poses this time – next time I will get her flying from some trees but today was called polar yoga.

My hands were so frozen and wrinkly they looked like sad raisins by the end.


So my goal is to take a few hours – one day a week to adventure. I have such anxiety leaving the house and dogs because I always

have so much to do, but I feel it necessary for sanity. I am hoping to relax quicker into the adventure and know that work

can wait and the dogs have been walked. That is the one regret of many places that I have lived is that I didn’t adventure enough and take

advantage of the offerings of nature in places.

I want to live richly and using all my senses, but don’t we all?


So if you have instagram or not check out my friend waverly’s page and my friend Lisa. Both such amazing artists.

Waverly – @_w_a_v_e_r_l_y_

LisaΒ –@misswoodright







“May we have the courage to take the step
Into the unknown that beckons us;
Trust that a richer life awaits us there,
That we will lose nothing
But what has already died;
Feel the deeper knowing in us sure
Of all that is about to be born beyond
The pale frames where we stayed confined,
Not realizing how such vacant endurance
Was bleaching our soul’s desire.”

John O’Donohue


White God

by canyon critter on March 28, 2015

read more about it here.



by canyon critter on March 28, 2015

My dad has been working non stop on the airstream every minute he isn’t at his job, poor guy. This trailer was completely rednecked by someone with cut out tin cans patching the top, acid down the drains, the floor patch with paper where it was rotting. I could go on and on but you get the picture. This trailer was in bad shape and so very different than the 78 Argosy my dad did before. However, progress is being made slowly as everything has to be custom done because nothing fits or works. There is finally water and the back end is strong and sturdy. Here are some photos that my dad took – of course, most of what is being done currently is stuff you can see:



So I start a 12 week exercise program this monday. I already pre started it a couple days ago and can’t walk. So out of shape, but the goal is to get back to

walking dogs everyday and this program. You know… doing it for the after photo. Just kidding, seriously though, I just want to feel better about myself and I want to leave

this place in a good head space and physically strong too. I do love the community of women in this program, they are so extremely supportive which

is pretty rad when you feel down on not being able to complete a circuit or something.. uh hmm. Like me on pre day 1 πŸ˜€

The key: Keep showing up and trying.


I have been thinking a lot about the route we will take out and the the glorious place I will be going to. I really wanted to sight see and go down thru

New Orleans and up through Austin and such, but really with 5 dogs, I can’t stop and get out for a day. So I am considering all this and might just take the boring route. Of course, I might stop in Oklahoma at my parents to rest for a few days and

let the dogs stretch their legs and my friend wants me to come up to Vegas and see her. So yah, I guess I have some time to think about it and save. LOTS and LOTS of saving. Β I am really hoping it won’t find land to rent up there,

it is challenging going someplace new and not visiting, but I will start visualizing want I want. Usually, it works out pretty good when I do that.


On another note, we raised $29 for Pibbles and More rescue for our 2 week fundraiser. Not a lot, but it could be a handful of toys or a bag of food. Better

than nothing. The next fundraiser is with my most favorite person/ organization, so I am working on doing a series of pouches and necklaces with her logo.

Should be super cute.

ok. enough ramblings. Back to work.




by canyon critter on March 23, 2015

So this year has been a rough one, actually since moving to Asheville it has been a bit of a wild ride and not necessarily a good one. I have felt guilty because this place is so beautiful and filled with such lovely people, but my magic isn’t here. I have tried but I think the weight of history for me in this short amount of time has outweighed the good.

So yesterday I started a spring detox. It was time. I think I had tortured my body enough this year with doing everything opposite of what I should. Eating gluten, drinking too much wine, not walking the dogs and if you know me… I have to walk dogs – it is my meditation. I can’t drink a lot because it messes with my energy and moods – being an empath makes it all that worse and well, eating gluten – I look like a pregnant wolf mama about to burst some pups out. So yes… it was time to stop the spinning and reboot.

Back to where I am going… I have had this place on my mind for a while – a year to be exact, but I had always looked at places like Austin, Portland – places with artists and dog friendly and the thought of Idaho?! seriously? ok, so I sat quietly yesterday and this place kept coming back to my mind and I sat and researched it all day, the sanctuaryΒ – Earthfire Institute, photos of the land and the surrounding area and my heart was bursting and I was almost in tears. I can’t really explain it.

I can’t say I am not nervous, scared and honestly, what the hell am I doing? So I am moving to a place to volunteer? ha, I guess I am and maybe I can manifest a job with them too. Maybe sometimes you just have to follow your heart and it will all make sense, because my head is like WTF? I don’t know if it is forever or a stop on the way somewhere, but it is a place I need to rest for a while and let the mountains speak to my soul.

However, the beautiful thing about living in an airstream, you can always move … anywhere at anytime πŸ˜€

ps. check out these photos of some of the sanctuary animals. Gorgeous!

So as I was researching I was super inspired by this galΒ – the dancing wind– (her tumblr is spectacular too) who basically did the same thing and her photos are amazing. So yah… that is the plan. I have to work at job #1 and my shop to save up money to get there b/c my truck is a gas guzzler and hoping to find land to rent as well for the airstream.

Manifesting it all. πŸ˜€

Have you been to the Tetons?

what is is like? Tell me everything.

When I get there I will tell you everything and so many photos. I can’t wait to meet the wolves and foxes. My heart is bursting…

I am not sure when I will be leaving. My dad is working on the airstream as much as possible, but as old things go, this thing had a lot of issues that of course I didn’t know about. I told him my plan, so he said he would add more insulation in it for winterizing it. Hoping in the fall we can head out!

For now, I will be buzzing in my shop and walking dogs and dancing and most likely gardening.

Spring wakes up my heart and so does having a plan. πŸ˜€

ps. 15% of sales from le shop (ends at the end of March) will go to a great rescue in New York called Pibbles and More rescue.

I will be doing another shop update mid week πŸ˜€


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