Sweet Hustle

by canyon critter on February 24, 2015

Life is so fleeting. Death is not something I deal with well… at all. This morning I found out a family member crossed and then this afternoon my little rattie wasn’t moving very well. I noticed a couple days ago, he seemed off and kept an eye on him. His brother has seemed very protective of him the last few days. I went in today to feed them some treats and he seemed lethargic. I noticed when he moved his belly was large and he couldn’t maneuver well – I was scared he was filled with fluid which could kill him – so of course, this took me into a panic back to the time of Ansli and Sally and I thought he was dying. I know to breathe and calm down and not assume every animal is dying sometimes, but he seemed very off.


I called the vet and of course she couldn’t tell me anything without seeing him.
Long story short. This tumor is common in rats. They pop up very quickly and he will need surgery otherwise it will keep growing quickly and that will alter his way of life which isn’t living. He will be miserable and uncomfortable unable to move and I can’t put him through that when there is a chance to let him be normal for a while longer. It could come back, there is always that chance, but I have to believe it won’t.  Funds are tight this month, ugh. so embarrassing to say that. We all want to be rich and have mounds of money to take care of ourselves and our animals, but I guess sometimes we have to ask for help. So please visit my shops over the next few days and buy something pretty or awesome to put on your wall and share with friends and enemies.

So I will be doing a massive shop update in my le howl etsy shop. I have LOTS of necklaces and pouches to upload. I will also be doing a buy one get one free print in my photography shop

Visit my instagram for updates on things I am working on and my animals! @lehowl

However, if you just want to send some healing energy and reiki his way. We love you so much for just being there and sending love and cute photos.

Surgery currently: COVERED!!!

So so very grateful!!!



and a special rat necklace for his fundraiser. $15.00 hand pierced copper rat silhouette hanging on brown vegan suede with a hand made stamped le howl clasp. email to purchase.



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stories of the gypsy untold

by canyon critter on February 23, 2015

stars fill like whiskey flows.
Let it be like it used to be residing in the in-between.
red in night, black in dreams.
we are nothing if not stories untold
Howling in trees, waiting for fog to drift and take me away.
sunlight burns like the town this story holds.


and a soul treat for you…


Introducing my crew and myself!

by canyon critter on February 21, 2015

I forgot how much I loved to make little videos…

I think I will get back on that. ASAP!

Happy Saturday, birds.

my morning. from lehowl on Vimeo.


winter sun

by canyon critter on February 7, 2015

Today it was so lovely. My dogs were out just soaking up the sun, while I was inside working. I heard some news today from my dad. So I am in double time sewing, cutting, sawing trying to fill the shop for people to buy. I know my friends don’t understand why they haven’t seen me. Well, c’mon on over friends and bring some wine and get ready to be put to work! If only my dogs had thumbs. ;D

So there is a 10% off sale in Le shop this weekend for pre- valentines. I have never been much of a valentine’s person… maybe one day, but I know I have lots of things with heart ;)

I am starting the master cleanse somewhat this week. Wish me luck. I might need it and the people around me. I know that sometimes we have to let go of things to find enlightenment . I’m going into the cave.

I hope you will stop by my shop and share it with all your friends. I will be adding more stuff all the time. I am on a roll! so stay tuned here and on my instagram and shop for updates!

Have a great weekend, birds.






Taco Tuesday

by canyon critter on February 3, 2015

I actually don’t have any tacos today, but I really like anything wrapped up in a bundle and easy to eat. I digress. So much is already happening this Feb. I have started some monthly challenges I will share with you soon and somehow inspiration is seeping into my soul lately. I feel very inspired and full of color. so check out some things I am working on…. a little sneak peek

I also added some new pouches with free shipping. They might not be in there long. They are all one of a kind and some might be heading to a Los Angeles shop soon, so if you want one, now is the time.

ps. I made the best mashed potatoes and you won’t even believe there were no potatoes in this recipe. OMG! my mouth is watering.

I will share my recipe secret and photo soon!

Have a great day, birds.




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