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by canyon critter on April 1, 2014

I am one who hibernates in the spring. I guess by that I mean I go into solitude. It is my time to venture in the woods, garden and grow my wings.

Today it was finally warm, so the dogs and I sat in the sun and read today.

I didn’t have any expectation to get anything done or be anything. Today I needed the rays of light on my skin to soften the edges of my mind.

Sometimes you just have to have time to be…



Never hide your feelings.

Tambi love and sun kisses

I am reworking the blog, so please bear with me if it looks a bit off sometimes. I’m a bit slow at this stuff.

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Things I love Sunday.

by canyon critter on March 30, 2014


This video. This panther. This woman. Magic.

Ideas for herb gardens, since the dogs like to eat them.

I have been on a crazy yoga obsession. I started doing a tape everyday. I feel different. I want to be stronger and progress. Sometimes it’s hard when in the beginning stages to see yourself doing headstands and such… but I will get there.

this quote:


love this girl… this song.

This looks so good – from oh she glows.

and maybe this drink to go along side that yummy vegan food – recipe here.

my head is here today or anywhere I can be near water or deep in the forest. (photo source unknown)


maybe this cute poster by retro whale


and this card was chosen for me today. Perfect. I needed this medicine.



Buffalo has come snorting into your life today to bring a message of great hope. Buffalo sacrificed every part of his physical body to support those who hunted him—but he also gave his spirit. And, it’s that spirit of hope, abundance, and a bright future that he brings to you today. If you are experiencing a troubled journey, help is here.

This cute little thing singing to me last night.

These bowls

dreaming to own a place like this on land and no one around… soon. I hope.

and one of my new favorite artists. – SupaKitch

have a great Sunday, birds. xo



by canyon critter on March 26, 2014

This week has been a bit off. The weather has been crazy with it being nice one day and snowing the next. Spring… are you confused? I have been a bit of a hermit lately since it has been colder and I have had a lot on my mind. I haven’t been sleeping too well and so my days are a bit slow.  I start a new “day” job tomorrow 5 days a week and then I have my other two days for booking shoots and working on my metal shop. I am not going to be selling jewelry pieces for a while, but I am opening a new little shop that will sell my little cut animal pieces so other people can use them for their jewelry or whatever.

So here are some photos from my week. Sorry they are iPhone instagram photos…

I have some new ideas for this blog. I am just like a bit of a turtle right now until things settle, so bear with me. Good things are coming.

This is a pasta dish of gluten free pasta, kale, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and olive oil and seasoning.

I keep my dishes pretty simple since I am on a budget. I ate a lot of pasta this week and normally I don’t do that. Even though gluten free, I still

felt more bloated, which was not great. So I am back to just veggies dishes and rice wraps. I do like to add a grain at night just to keep me more full. When you eat just veggies, you are always hungry a couple hours later.

vegan dinner
Trying to get ready for weekly community potlucks here at the house in the garden. I'll post progress shots as they happen. These are my sun mobiles.

I am trying to make my house a sanctuary right now, it is not my happy place so I am doing what I can to make it ok for the time being. I will be working on some garden projects – things I can take to the new house.  I have been on pinterest like crazy looking for ideas. So! many ideas out there, I am so inspired!

I am looking to buy a house in the fall on some land, so that will be super fun. eek!

A big vegan bowl of yummy. #vscocam #vegansofig #vegan #vegansofig #veganfoodporn #glutenfree

I hope you all are having a good week.

Tell me what you have been up to? Is it gorgeous and springy where you are?

send me some photos so I feel like it is warm.


oh. ps. I am on tumblr now too. so go add me and I will add you!





Spring Fling

by canyon critter on March 21, 2014

Yesterday was the first day of spring and I could feel it in my bones. I am of the sun and earth and feed deeply from the rays of light.

It was a full day of celebration starting with my morning meditation dog walk, met my friend at her house for hooping and dog kisses and then we headed downtown for cocktails, dinner and a belly dance show called the House of Tarot with Zoe Jakes from Beats Antique.

My heart felt full.

Morning river walk #dog #dogsofinstagram #vscocam #asheville


me and reggie



Spring day adventures #latergram #spring #thesocial #thevault #bellydanceshow

The most amazing show. House of tarot dance. #zoejakes and #lisazahiya #vscocam

so yah. Today I wish I were feeling the same butterflies as yesterday. I was up all night sick. My mind and heart are feeling heavy with weird dreams and I am thinking too much lately which takes a toll on my body – oh the life of a sensitive.

 So I am off to the river again, going to make a lovely vegan pasta with fresh veggies, shoot some, work on some online things, figure out the next Photo Booth and work on my garden.

Of course, you know I will share photos.

have a great day birds.
soak up the sun.


Shiny green people

by canyon critter on March 18, 2014

so I woke up super early since I don’t sleep well these days.

Moved my studio around so the rats could have more play room.

Drank way too strong of coffee, mailed orders and then…



met my bud for a quick drink and then she came over for snacks, more drinks, hooping and her first episode of girls… I know. I am dying here (it is the best series ever besides my other favorites — don’t judge). I watched all three seasons in a week. I can’t believe she hasn’t even started.  She keeps telling me to be quiet because I have so much to say in the series. oy!

ok. so yah. here are a couple photos, some vegan bruschetta ( which I have already consumed 3 lbs of bread in the last 24 hours hence my super bloated tummy in the video but whatever. gluten free. here I come again!) oh yah and my silly hooping video which I have made no progress, but sometimes you just gotta dance… right?!. I watched tutorial videos for 2 hours this morning. oy! I will get there.

But I do have a thousand businesses to run, so I can’t sit home all day.

Be patient.

I love you.

Happy green people day.

vegan bruschetta

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