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by canyon critter on March 5, 2015

Hustle had his surgery today. It was a long day. He was dropped off at 9am but the surgery didn’t happen until 5:30. It was gross. He is super out of it, but is resting. Apparently, I am can’t bring home scraps from work either because he is super overweight. Ugh. We are all going on a program to get into shape and eat better – only fruits and veggies for them now.

But first some photos of Hustle and his Tumor.

ps. I just want to say thank you heaps to all that donated. I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot of donations, I just wanted people to go shopping in my etsy store. My heart is so full and grateful for the help. I have been working my arse off, but winter is slow in the service industry and it has just been a rough couple months, but spring is coming and things are looking up.

so thank you. so. very. much.




oh and I was getting kind of stressed waiting because it was taking so long and this little rabbit named Turtle came and jumped in my lap and started licking my hands.

I started to calm down. I freaking love animals so much…


so on another note. I am on a program starting today to get into shape. UGH! I am so out of shape that is could be comical. So the goal is 70 oz of water a day.

Eating mostly raw and some cooked and very budget friendly. No gluten, No booze – except on sunday. I get pizza, wine and chocolate (my cheat day!)

I am starting to exercise with some of these ladies and don’t kid yourself. I did 10 min tonight and quit, but I will keep pushing myself each day and I will walk the dogs each day for my cardio.

It is HIIT workouts!

Christine Salus

Kayla Itsines


zuzka light


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



pss. I also did a little shop update today.

So go check out some of the new necklaces! super pretty. I am making mounds and mounds of them because everyone should have one.

I wish my dogs had thumbs so much.


so I must get back to work, but I hope you are having a great week!


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