Sunday Adventure

by canyon critter on March 30, 2015

This was my sunday adventure… really only a little bit of it – I have many more photos to edit. My friend Waverly is an amazing aerialist and so we took some photos for

fun in the extreme cold at the very top of the mountain – not any silk flying just some yoga poses this time – next time I will get her flying from some trees but today was called polar yoga.

My hands were so frozen and wrinkly they looked like sad raisins by the end.


So my goal is to take a few hours – one day a week to adventure. I have such anxiety leaving the house and dogs because I always

have so much to do, but I feel it necessary for sanity. I am hoping to relax quicker into the adventure and know that work

can wait and the dogs have been walked. That is the one regret of many places that I have lived is that I didn’t adventure enough and take

advantage of the offerings of nature in places.

I want to live richly and using all my senses, but don’t we all?


So if you have instagram or not check out my friend waverly’s page and my friend Lisa. Both such amazing artists.

Waverly – @_w_a_v_e_r_l_y_

Lisa –@misswoodright







“May we have the courage to take the step
Into the unknown that beckons us;
Trust that a richer life awaits us there,
That we will lose nothing
But what has already died;
Feel the deeper knowing in us sure
Of all that is about to be born beyond
The pale frames where we stayed confined,
Not realizing how such vacant endurance
Was bleaching our soul’s desire.”

John O’Donohue

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