by canyon critter on January 5, 2015

I have been sickly for the last 3 days. My head is pounding and I can only stare at the computer screen for small amounts of time, so I thought I would do a quick update.

I will be working like a crazy person the next few months, trying to use all my art supplies. What I don’t use, I will sell. Everything must go. No room in this airstream, it is 5 feet shorter than the last one.

Here are some pouches. I haven’t put them in the shop yet, If you are interested before. send me a note and I will sell it to you for a bit cheaper. They all have super cute interior fabric as well that is different than the silhouette. I am still trying to figure out how to do roll over images on the blog. how exciting!

For now… I am having a sale in my photo shop! Buy one get one free. Just send a note in checkout which free one you would like. – Visit my shop!

Le Howl Photography shop

On another note. Tomorrow is Edi’s Birthday. It would have also been Millie’s.

She said we could postpone the party bc of my ailment. What a sweet girl.

If you want to send gifts. She likes soft things, and her favorite colors are orange and turquoise.





I have also been crocheting, since I can’t do much else. Edi really likes my blankets, so… why not?



So there is talk of the Airstream going to Oklahoma for renovations courtesy of dad and brother… what have I even done to deserve such lovely people in my life.

Have you guys even seen my last one. Ah. She was a beauty.

And I will be getting another foxy door knocker!

check out all my flickr photos here



and ps. this little nugget named Matilda is looking for a new home and I will be putting together a page for donations. She is going to the vet and I will keep you updated!



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