smells of times past.

by willow on February 13, 2014

Memories are in music. Memories are in food. Memories in the people who brought these different senses in my life.
I have never had a good relationship with food. I met someone a few months ago that changed that for me, mostly. He was also vegan and taught me really how to cook with herbs, spices, flavors, stalks – embracing the food, letting it breath into me, sitting with it, chewing completely and being grateful.

But just like anything in life – there is a beginning and an end. After that relationship ended, I hadn’t been able to cook… until today.
I was taken back by the smells (it smells oh so good), this was our favorite, simple, cheap go to dish. I felt like I jumped a thousand sticks high today. It’s amazing how such simple things can make you feel like you are moving forward and can conquer the world. Even if it is just food.


For now… let me share this dish with you.
I don’t like to wash dishes, so I like to keep pans and such to a minimal.
First: heat the pan with olive oil and put minced garlic in pan. Then take the leaves of the kale off the stems and cut up the stems into tiny pieces and add that to garlic to cook for a bit. Add some spices and tamari if you you like. I then added the mushrooms and let that cook for a while. The last step is adding the kale leaves and mustard and stirring them until done.
I really could have done without the bread, but I am pmsing and bread is comforting to me.
Next time I will photograph the steps. I hope you like this as much as I do…


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Tanya March 21, 2014 at 4:29 pm

Hey, thanks for posting vegan meal ideas. I appreciate it! Hope the sunshine starts warming you up. 🙂


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