by canyon critter on January 16, 2014

Sometimes it feels like time passes and there is so much to say yet nothing at all. I have had insomnia the last couple nights. I think I am a bit tired.

It snowed this morning. Snowflakes as large as you can imagine. It was like magic dust surrounding me. I was entranced by white.

Edi and I did selflies. They are pretty horrible. Still trying to figure out my camera. So we practice every day. We have some amazing things planned in the future blog.

I had intuitive readings done this week… a group consult if you will of my current pack and Ansli and Sally. I was literally in a puddle of tears on the floor she was so spot on. I highly recommend intuitive pet care by kira if you need to talk with your present or past animals. It is amazing how intuitive our animals our and truly we are intuitive if we are in the right energy space, but I am not currently… so Kira… is amazing.


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