by canyon critter on January 20, 2013

So I am trying to stick by my new schedule as much as possible even though I won’t be in the studio working until February. There will be some schedule tweaking and it will definitely take some time getting used to. So this morning – even at 25 degrees, I was up walking dogs for 2 hours. It was so cold. I walked again after helping at the studio for a bit and I was so tired after another 2 hours of walking, I am having a bit of a hard time being motivated to work tonight. It will get better. I am getting some spirulina and making sure I get my water in for the day – today, I forgot it. πŸ™

Yoga is tomorrow. Hopefully I will find the energy.

Only schedule dedication and extreme puppy love would make me walk for 2 hours in 25 degree weather. Brrrr...


Here are some studio shots…

This is my bench I picked out. In the corner πŸ˜‰

The hopeful opening of the studio is Feb. 2. Still lots of cleaning and arranging to do, but it is awesome and they have done an amazing job of setting everything up. Did I mention, they are providing every metal tool, kiln, torch, hammer, anvil, etc…  you could possibly imagine.

Yah, that sold me along with the amazing energy of the place and of course the river across the street.

You know how I feel about the river… the love of my life.

My spot


This is Baloo.  He is the cutest dog who loves to howl and sing.

Pixiefish- caught eating prey

This is Jeri of Copper Fish Metal and one of the gals I rent from. She is the tiniest thing I have ever seen in my life, so mostly I refer to her as pixiefish. She is so sassy and has a big personality. I adore her so already.

I have been thinking about this weeks treats for everyone. Now I have two sets of friends to make things for and I love it! I was thinking cinnamon rolls – something baked. I haven’t done that yet, mostly because I haven’t used my very tiny airstream oven yet, but I think it is time and cinnamon rolls are soo good and yummy smelling or I might get lazy and just make a coffee cake – any suggestions? The rolls aren’t vegan πŸ™ but I think I can make some substitutions and make a batch for Friday night group and sat group. whew!

Well, I have some mobiles to make and not too many deep interesting things to say tonight.

Hope your weekend is lovely.

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