Full Moon

by canyon critter on January 27, 2013

I woke up this morning with such a crazy, CRAZY energy. I wish I could say it was awesome crazy, but nope. I am wondering if I am not allergic to the dandelion I put in my smoothie or maybe it was my soup I made, the weather changes or the full moon today, but either way – I was very off. My day has been a chaotic mess. Literally. I was so out of it, I got lost on the highway for two hours and then was so extremely tired, I didn’t even have the energy to walk my dogs – it has been 5 days and we are all getting on each others nerves. I missed my studio time and tried to bake to make myself get out of my funk, but my little airstream oven took 6 hours to bake 3 things and then ansli and sally decided to help themselves to the gluten free pumpkin desert sitting on the counter while I ran outside. And to top it off, I broke my prep cleanse and dropped a whole bottle of kava tincture on the floor. I could say more, but you get the picture.


Yah. This was my day. I am being honest and raw. Is that ok, sometimes? I am hoping I don’t sound super negative and off lately, but it is winter and life is like that sometimes – full of seasons and lessons. All I can do is try to embrace it all with grace, but many times, I am just the girl running in flip flops and falling in the cracks. I don’t break, just bruise a little, but I get back up, dust off my feet, do a little dance and keep going… there is a rainbow I am running towards, ya know. 😉

It is a full moon – In leo.

I am however, going to pull myself out of it. I am burning throat chakra incense to help with balancing and inspiration. I am going to meditate, journey with bear, drink some water and then crochet which also sends me into a meditation of calm.  Tomorrow – I will walk the dogs again on our regular schedule and get back to smoothies and water for cleanse prep. I will help clean the metal studio for a bit and then do the final touches on my pieces I worked on yesterday.

The great thing is about anything… you can always begin again. It is not failure, just a bump in the road.

I have been doing a ton of research on my herbal projects but I will share those thoughts this week 😉

ps. I have been seeing a ton of ravens around me. Literally, they will almost walk up to me. Their medicine is very magical and powerful. I am going to take their magic and go inward and make room for the change about to happen – not fear it, but embrace their wisdom and teachings. I have known change is coming – with the studio space and daughters of the earth. All starting on the same day – Feb. 2. I have been so scared that I have allowed negative voices to fill my head and heart that I won’t make it, or have anything good to offer – that I will fail. The only failure would be is to not try. Of course, it all costs money and risk of putting yourself and creative efforts out there. It is scary, but raven’s message is very clear to me this week.

I am listening, dear one.


Magic, Healing, Creation

If a raven totem has come into our life,
magic is at play.
Raven activates the energy of magic
and links it to our will and intention.

With this totem, we can make great changes
in our life;
the ability to  take the unformed thought
and make it reality

The raven shows us how to go into the dark
of our inner self and bring out the light of our true self;
resolving inner conflicts which have long been buried.
This is the deepest power of healing we can possess.


I also saw this most beautiful excerpt from the i ching on mysticamomma and I want to share. I am going to write this on my chalkboard. I love it.

“Whenever we fall into an negative states such as judgment, anger, fear, anxiety, or desire, are added to become structured and inflexible. As long as remain in this condition we cannot receive the assistance of the Higher Power. Therefore, if we wish for a return of good fortune now we must take steps to dissolve the hardness.”
“The image is that of a warm spring wind steadily dissolving winter ice. This is meant to teach us that it is through perseverance and gentleness – rather than aggressiveness – that we overcome what is hard.”
“Employ music, prayer, meditation, common project, or some other form of sacred concentration or ceremony to release the pent-up energy in yourself and others. Allow harsh and unforgiving feelings to be carried away by the song of the flute, the reverberation of a drum, or the sound of the wind through the trees.”
“In your mind’s eye, see where the flow of positive energy is blocked, and then imagine this place as an ice floe breaking up in a thawing river.”
“Until the inflexibility is removed there can be no unity, either within your own spirit, with others, or with the Sage. Remember that inferior emotions are hard, where the attitudes of the superior person – acceptance, detachment, modesty, innocence, and equanimity – have a quality of softness to them. By returning to this now you insure your own good fortune.”
~Brian Browne Walker from The I Ching or Book of Changes: A Guide to Life’s Turning Points


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