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by canyon critter on May 1, 2012

Life has been shifting lately – slow and steady like a turtle, but I am ok with that right now, it makes learning lessons a little easier. In this time I want my vibrations to rise as well and keeping my body clean and healthy is such a benefit to this process.  So here is what I ate today, with the exception of supper – rice and bean burrito. I am not on a diet or fast, just trying to do my best with the budget I am on and what is available. I have to say with eating healthy and walking everyday with the pups, my mind and body feel more connected. Now I just need to get back to a scheduled daily journeywork and meditations. Change for me is best a little at a time… at least right now.


Breakfast – 2 super thin pieces of toast topped with veganaise and tomatoes/ salt and pepper.

lunch Lunch- 1/2 Guacamole and tomato spread with crackers

prep for juice snack


Juice snack with carrots, celery, ginger, apple, lemon and cucumber

I also bought some herb starters to plant today and will take photos of them tomorrow. I also was so into it, I just started planting seeds everywhere. I can’t wait to see where all my flowers pop up – just call me Johnny Appleseed 😉

Quote for today:

“You have the option to focus on what you want or the absence of what you want. You can tell what choice you are making by the way you are feeling.  And you can constantly change your choice.”  – Ester Hicks

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Cristy May 1, 2012 at 6:10 pm

That juice looks yummy and refreshing!


canyon critter May 17, 2012 at 7:12 am

It is cristy! Everyone should drink fresh juice, although, I always get ravenous afterwards.


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