by canyon critter on April 25, 2012

What a day and a super hot day at that – 96 degrees here. Spring, what happened? It was such an off day. I had a super bad headache all night and this morning, I think from my allergies. To those that don’t suffer… bless you. I think I need to order some nettle tea or some heavy remedy. It has been super hard to function lately. eek!
But I did get to talk to my super lovely friend and it is always fabulous to catch up! I did get some dog tags cut out and I am going to sketch tonight. I dreamt I was working on something amazing last night and for the life of me could not remember what it was from my dream. I hope it will come to me. I am going to start keeping my sketch book tied to my hip, I tell you.

I didn’t get to juice the last couple days, or more like… I was too lazy to juice, which meant for some reason that I eat more carbs. ARG! I did, however, make this lovely mock tuna salad, but I hate the whole thing and my tummy is sure paying for it. TOO MUCH FOOD 🙂 ps. I used this recipe and changed it a little and I forgot to mash it up, so hers looked much prettier on her website, but mine sure did taste good.

mock tuna salad

And Gus’s mom sent this photo of him modeling his super awesome one of a kind dog tag that I made for him. Since he is such a silly goose, his mom wanted a goose. Cuteness!!


custom critter tag for Mr. Gus

sir g
and a photo of Sir Galahad from Healing Heart Sanctuary… just because

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