oh thursday.

by canyon critter on March 16, 2012

Today has been super busy. I didn’t even get to walk the dogs, but at least the sun was shining and they could lay out and enjoy the day. Today’s post is a bit short, I do apologize, but I hope your week is going fantastic

Daily work:
There are just a couple of the things I have worked on today. So pretty and springy.

my friend has a teeny tiny dog named mouse, so I made a tag for the wee one. ps. I hope she likes it. eek!

daily critter:
This is twiggy. She is my heart. I am so proud of her – just a month ago, she was facing death and now look at that tail. I still say daily prayers and meditations for her, I would like her tail to keep getting fatter, but she looks amazing and of course, she is amazing.

It is almost spring equinox in a few days. Hello bunnies.
I am taking an amazing online class and on her blog she was talking about how spring and rabbits go together and “how rabbits utilize their creativity in order to survive.” I love that statement.

daily gratitude:
Today I am grateful for having a creative day and pushing through the things that were not turning out. Instead of quitting out of frustration, I gently pushed through it. Now cuddling with my dogs, it feels like today was a good day.

xo, t.

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