by canyon critter on June 4, 2011

When I lived in L.A, I used to write all the time – poems, snippets, 2- liners… anything. I think writing whatever it is can be a good outlet. In the Artist Way books, she always says to start with your 3 morning pages. Write first thing in the morning 3 pages and don’t think about what you are writing, but just write whatever comes into your head. Eventually from writing you will find you have written the answers. So this wasn’t my morning pages, but I was a point of losing hope a few months ago – my boyfriend broke up with me (again) and everything felt lost, so I needed to remember what I believed.

water. day 8

I believe in magic

I believe in true love and that love conquers all

I believe no one should suffer at the hand of another

I believe we should respect and protect nature, the animals & the earth

We will need them to protect us one day.

I believe that laughter is medicine

I believe that imagination will lead us into a greater unknown – a place

better than the reality we see.

I believe that pain makes us stronger and chaos gives us character

I believe we breathe in and out all of the answers that we seek

I believe that magic gives us hope and hope is the force behind love

Love gives us strength for our journey

The earth gives us the answers for all we lack and shuns the ignorance we have learned

Magic and imagination are all we need

muddy feeters. day 8

– my prayer-

Grant me the imagination to create beyond what my mind can conceive or believe.

I am open to your magic.

Let nothing block or hinder what can flow through me from you.

Let me create.

Let me imagine.

Let me create magic.


cartwheel of happy. day 8

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Vegan Flower June 4, 2011 at 8:16 pm

I love this post. So inspirational and uplifting!


driftwood jones June 4, 2011 at 8:27 pm



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