by canyon critter on November 5, 2008

So I was told by a close friend that my blog has been a bit depressing lately. True. I tend to be on the dark side sometimes and I don’t hide it very easy in any way. But I think it is time to lighten the mood. What we put out to the universe is what we get back….so there is the answer.

It was super cold and windy today. I really need to start knitting more. I have so many scarves to make for so many people. Millie had her vet appt. today. The news not so great, but not so bad. So Millie has mild hip dysplasia and slight entropia in her eye and her skin isn’t so great, but it’s not so bad. ARG! so she will get surgery for her eye in a few weeks. I am glad I went. I want the best for my kids.
Now, though, I am worried about Nikki’s dogs Big Bear and Feather. They both need treatment for their ailments as well. I guess that is what happened when we take shelter dogs that are already imposed with problems, but now that we are non-profitYIPEE!…maybe it will be easier to get these special treatments.

on another note. My mom and dad are so cool. My mom said she would help with my initial project idea. I learn by seeing and she said she might make the initial item and I want to talk my dad into making me on of those through the viewfinder extenders. So things are looking up.
Oh and we are trying to find an inexpensive travel trailer, Nikki said she saw a cheap one at an auction. Maybe that is the key…auctions. I want to get one soon, so we can start renovating it and help with boredom. Although, with my upcoming personal projects, I think I will be keeping quite busy.
Especially, since I still have six dogs to walk everyday. Geez! I need those Landrollers. NOW.

Ok. I am exhausted. This time change is making me want to go to bed at 7:00. yeah! I lead a great life. bwhahaha!

so conrad has had a problem since he was a wee child. Coffee. I tell him “NO”, it is not meant for babies, but he will go to any length to get to it, especially if it has cocoa in it. So today, once again…he drank my coffee. I guess he takes after his mom. He is very naughty. so off to Coffee Drinkers Anonymous he goes. don’t tell anyone. shhhh!

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