Enri~ hold on little one…you can make it

by canyon critter on September 18, 2007

(enri on the right & her brother T on the left)

(courtney and Enri)

I am worried. Have been all night. My Friend Courtney who is one of the strongest women I have known for years called me in a frenzy of worry about her Enri. She has had enri for 11 years, I have know enri many of those years. Enri wasn’t acting right, she wouldn’t eat dinner which is a first EVER, enri always wants to eat. On their evening walk, she didn’t want to walk but kept lying down, her stomach was a little bloated as well. She called me panicking, we decided it best to watch her over night and to see if she ate breakfast, if not take her in immediately to the vet. well…this morning, she called me breaking down, enri was urinating blood. The vet wants to run tests, she left her at the vet and within that time the only thing they could find was that she was anemic, but did not know why she was urinating such high levels of blood. She could bleed out if this isn’t solved. They want to run more tests, but this has already costs her 400.oo. i am worried about my friend. The low end of these estimates is 2200.00 and the high end is 3300.00. my friend doesn’t have this money. i know what it is like to have your dog’s life on the line, but have no way to pay it, nothing. She is not one to ask for help, i am giving it to her anyways, she is drowning in worry, panick, frustration and tears. i will try and post more pics of enri and an estimate, but I am asking my friends for help,my community…to help my friend courtney ….to help keep Enri alive. This is Urgent. i am giving her money, it may not be much, but i can forgo my weeks coffee run to help save a life. I am never one to ask for help for my own person, but when it comes to the animals, I will do anything or ask anything.
Please help enri.

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